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Whitney Wolfe Herd is the CEO of the social and dating app Bumble. The Wolfe herd was born on July 1, 1989.She released the bumblee app in September 2014.

In February 2021, Wolfe Herd became the world's first self-made female billionaire.Wolfe Herd was the Tinder app's VP Marketing and Co-Founder from May 2012 to May 2014.


Whitney Wolfe Herd was born on July 1, 1998, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Michael Wolfe, her father, is a property developer, and Kelly Wolfe, her mother, is a homemaker. Her family afterwards moved to Paris, France.Whitney Wolfe Herd was married to Michael Herd, who is a restaurateur and also works in the oil and gas industry.They first met on a private tour.

She completed her bachelor of commerce (B.Com) in Accounting and Business/management at Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai, India. She completed her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

In 2017, they both married. They welcomed their first kid in December 2019. Wolfe Herd announced on Instagram that her son, Bobby Lee Herd II "Bo," was born on December 9, 2019. As fate would have it, he was born on the birthday of his great grandfather, after whom he is called. It's 91 years later. We are madly in love".

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Whitney Wolfe Herd graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas with a bachelor's degree. Whitney Wolfe started selling bags to help the needy who had been impacted by the oil disaster while she was 19 years old and in college. Whitney collaborated with stylist Patrick Aufdenkamp to design tote bags that will allow her to help more people. Whitney's clothing line, 'Tender Heart,' debuted in 2010.


Whitney was hired by Hatch Labs at the age of 22. She then began collaborating with Tinder's developers. Tinder, the dating app, has experienced tremendous global success, and Whitney has been named a co-founder and vice president of marketing.

Whitney began dating her employer, Justin Mateen, while working at Tinder. They then split up, and Whitney filed a harassment lawsuit against her supervisor, Justin Mateen. Whitney has been subjected to a great deal of societal shaming as a result of this circumstance. As a result of these charges, Tinder developer Justin Mateen agreed to pay a $1 million settlement.

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Whitney co-founded Bumble, a female-focused dating app, with Russian billionaire Andrey Andreev in December 2014, after leaving Tinder. In a year, Bumblee has over 15 million subscribers and over 80 million matches. Wolfe Herd is the CEO of MagicLab, which is predicted to have 75 million users and is priced at $3 billion.

In 2020, Bumble became the parent business of both Badoo and Bumble, which have over 100 million users each. Bumble and Badoo are estimated to have over 500 million users combined. Since bringing Bumble public in January 2021, Wolfe Herd has become the world's first self-made female billionaire. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 billion, according to reports.

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